Industrial water treatment in Murcia

At Solo Agua S.L., we are dedicated to the comprehensive treatment of wastewater discharges from industrial production processes.

Call us, we are leaders in industrial water treatment in Murcia.

Sewage water

We are specialists in wastewater treatment. We offer comprehensive treatment of wastewater discharges derived from industrial production processes. We use innovative and compact technologies adaptable to operational needs.

We make use of physical, physical-chemical, biological, oxidation with ozone or advanced oxidation treatments, etc.

We have experience in the conditioning of wastewater discharge derived from industrial agricultural, canning, livestock, food area activities, etc., and the regeneration and reuse of wastewater from different processes such as washing raw materials, boxes /pallets, machinery, vehicles, containers and scalding.

In each case we carry out a study in order to provide the best purification technique available on the market (adapted to the needs of each client):


  • Technology to purify and disinfect
    • Water disinfection.
    • Elimination of microorganisms in tanks, pipes and deposits.
    • Eradication of biofilms in pipes.
    • Solutions for bad smell, turbidity or problems in the color of the discharges.
    • Solutions for emerging pollutants and heavy metals.
    • No chlorine.
    • More respectful with the environment.
  • Process water: we use ozone to disinfect and maintain hygiene in water, in supply tanks and their pipes.
  • Agricultural ozone: to promote and protect agricultural crops by reducing biofilm in the pipes.

  • Wastewater: we use ozone for the disinfection of wastewater. We reduce COD, BOD, color, odor, turbidity, parameters before discharge, etc. 
  • Ozone for drinking water purification stations.
  • Foliar treatment: crop sanitization technique with a low operating cost, as well as easy handling. Prevent diseases by saving money and boosting crops.
  • Irrigation with ozone: we inject ozone into the pipes obtaining great benefits. Ozone disinfects the soil, pipes and water, in addition, it reduces contaminants by providing extra oxygen to the plants. It also cleans the biofilm in the pipes.

Our projects

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